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Fun fitness classes with Helen Baker on the Isle of Wight

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Cowes week

The Monday class is still on in Cowes,Isle of Wight tonight so grab your trainers and brightest clothes and I ‘ll see you at Cowes Primary School – 7.50pm for Zumba!!!

What our members say...

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    • Bootcamp - how on earth can I enjoy that word?!?!? I joined in January 2011 - overweight - unfit and completely, absolutely scared at the prospect. Exercising at any time, let alone 6am seemed alien to me - but changes were needed. Since joining, I have gone from a size 18/20 to a 10/12!!! Lost over 3 stone in weight and what a bonus - met some AMAZING group of ladies xxx If you want to lose weight, get fit and make some new friends - join Bodysmart Fitness Bootcamp NOW!!! you will NOT regret it xx

      by Sophie – Bootcamper

    • Isle of Wight Bootcamp is simply the Best and has totally changed my life for the better.I have been doing Bootcamp for over 2 years and love it . Have lost nearly 3 stone, dropped 5 dress sizes from a size 20 to a size 10 and 80 inches. Have gone from someone who couldn't exercise to exercising all the time . Every one is friendly !!! You can work out and have fun and get results !!!I would be lost without Bootcamp , Its become part of my family and has given me so much confidence !!! I love the early starts as it sets you up for the day !!! I would encourage anyone to join up , You can change your body and your life, Just like I Did !!!!

      by Ali Burke – Bootcamper

    • I joined bootcamp in April 2010 expecting to do one month to get myself a bit fitter but 2 years later I'm still going. I lost 2 and 1/2 stone in about 4 months and I've kept the weight off since. I am not a morning person and I'd always try and get a few extra minutes in bed in the morning but now on bootcamp days I'm always up and ready to go. It sets you up for the day and despite the early start you seem to have more energy than on non-bootcamp days. The exercises are fun and the diet is really easy to follow. I have made some amazing friends at bootcamp that I am sure I will have forever. If you want to change your weight and body shape then this is the place to do it!

      by Laura Mills – Bootcamper

    • Bootcamp is the BEST thing I have ever done to keep fit!!!! It fits perfect around working hours,and their is no need for baby sitters. Iv lost 17 lb in 6 months. I feel more toned, fit and healthy! Every one has noticed the weight loss and say how healthy I look. Team the bootcamp with helens eating plan and its a win win recipe for a beautiful body! Instructor helen is fun, encouraging, gives you tones of motivation, she is armed with bags of advice and helpful tip. The girls (all different ages and sizes) in my class work at there own level. I LOVE doing bootcamp, seeing the results, and miss it like crazy when we have a break!

      by Lindsey Barlow – Bootcamper

    • The best thing I ever did when I gave up smoking was to take up bootcamp. Someone could have warned me it was just as addictive :-) I've been coming along for 18 months now, everyone is so friendly and welcoming! Oh and it's indoors which is a bonus! Helen is a amazing motivator and manages to make working out feel fun, no morning is ever the same and I can't imagine me ever growing bored of it. After having three children I never thought I would have the confidence to wear a bikini again, now I wouldn't think twice!

      by Anna – Bootcamper

    • I am a comparative newbie to bootcamp but so far the experience, guidance and care from Helen has been fantastic, she is an inspiration! I'm already seeing positive results and I really enjoy being with other people who have the same goals as I do. I thought I would really struggle with the eating plan but it's easy. And there's always help from the fb page and encouraging emails, texts and tweets from Helen so no matter your preferred communication method there's always a friendly face or helping hand. I would recommend bootcamp to anyone! I'm enjoying so much I'm already signed up for next month! Come and join the fun!

      by Rachel Taylor – Bootcamper

    • Have only very recently started boot camp, as someone who dreaded the thought of any exercise! Helen is an amazing motivator and for the first time in almost forever, I look forward to the exercise! Will definitely be doing it again! Lots of lovely people, and lots of support and advice from Helen! Recommend joining to anyone unhappy with how they feel/ look. :)

      by Becki – Bootcamper

    • After going to the trial bootcamp with Helen back in October 10, have continued to do bootcamps over the last 2 years. It is very addictive, makes you think about what your putting in your body as well as the pysical side. I love it and will continue to go for weight loss, fitness, and having a great time with people who have the same goals in life

      by Julie – Bootcamper

    • Loved Zumba, great class - Thanks

      by Sarah

    • Zumba classes with Helen are AMAZING!!!! I started going in February 2011 and can honestly say that I have never had so much fun while exercising. There are a great bunch of ladies and of course Helen.....what a brilliant teacher, non judgemental, great at breaking down moves, ensures we all have a great time, and super nice throughout. If you haven't tried Zumba before - GO TO A HELEN BAKER CLASS NOW!!!!!!!!!! You don't know what you are missing xxxxx

      by Sophie

    • Zumba...... well it's just the most fun way to excercise!!! Especially with Helen :))) I've been a member of Helen's Zumba classes for many years now and never get bored of it!! I use it as my stress release and to keep me focussed during difficult times! You should try it, you would always feel welcome all the ladies are just lovely :) xxx

      by Sarah x

    • Love it! Makes me laugh each and everytime. Grown women shaking their bums in delight, shouting out loud - a real tonic to all that bothers in modern life. A workout that suits me. x JAX

      by Jackie Gustar

    • I have been attending Zumba for a few years now but sadly arthritis prevents me from attending more often. HOWEVER! When I am at Zumba the stress levels just disappear, the "feel good" hormones kick in and I just laugh and thoroughly enjoy myself. Helen is a wonderful teacher and the music/moves are just inspiring. Long live Zumba/Helen :-) x

      by Shelagh

    • I was a bit uncertain what to expect with this zumba class.. I attended one last year somewhere else and found it a bit serious!! Then a friend from work asked me to come along to her Zumba class (Helens) and I absolutely love it , and her. She is so friendly and so are all the other ladies, its great fun! and I'm doing bootcamp too!!

      by Kerry – Zumba & Bootcamper

    • I love everything about Zumba! The routines are fantastic, the music is great -if ever I hear a track we do at class on the radio you can guarantee I'll be shimmying and jiggling round the house practising my moves! No matter how bad a mood the day has put me in when I arrive, I will always leave a class happy and buzzing and looking forward to the next one. Helen is a fantastic teacher, always full of smiles and encouragement. (Believe her when she says the louder you shout the more calories you burn!) Thank you Helen for bringing us the Zumba sunshine!

      by Julie

    • I've been going to Helen's Zumba Class once a week for about 5 months now. I love it. I'm one of the older ladies and really enjoy the buzz....Sometimes it's difficult dragging myself out on a dark night, but the fun is well worth the trouble. Helen is great and makes us all really enthusiastic. Thanks Helen, Rock On!!

      by Bev


      by Helen

    • Only class I have ever stuck to. I have been going for about 2.5 years. Always come away with a smile.

      by Chris

    • Even when I feel stressed and tired, I am full of beans after Zumba it makes me feel great. Thanks Helen.

      by Emma

    • I started going to Zumba in Ryde about 18 months ago and really look forward to it. I went away in january for 8 weeks and really missed my class. I enjoy the music and although am 60 it gives me a lot of energy and I dont feel out of place in the class. I hope they can keep the youth centre as that is a great place to have it.

      by Margaret Gorman

    • Zumba Is Great !!!! 50 mins of Fun , burning calories , friendly atmosphere . I can't imagine life without Zumba .Its for all ages and abilities !!!! It is good for the mind and body , Helen and karen make it so much fun !!!! I do up to 3 a week sometimes 4 and love it . I feel the love of ZUMBA and you can too !!!! 2 years on and i'm still enjoying it !!! :-)

      by Ali Burke

    • I have been going to Zumba for over 2 years now and try to do at least 3 classes a week, I would do more if I could find the time,I just love it and it seems like you are having a party rather than a exercise class cos the music is great! I loved bootcamp too everyone is so friendly. Thank you Helen (and mum!)

      by Jayne

    • As someone who has poor coordination and balance and never got on well in any PE lessons or any sporting activities at school as I was always deemed to be too "slow". I never thought I'd find an exercise I actually enjoyed and didn't feel self conscious doing. I love how none of that matters in Zumba! I just have so much fun I completely forget I'm doing exercise! Zumba has been the best thing I've done by far to keep my weight under control. But not only is it good for that. It's also a fantastic enjoy booster, stress buster and all round feel good confidence booster! Thank you so much Helen. I don't know what I'd do without the classes. Keep up the good work!

      by Alice Burton

    • I feel so happy after Zumba it is a real stress buster.

      by Jill monday cowes class

    • Helens Zumba classes are amazing. I have been going to Helens classes in Ryde since about January 2011 and I love it. Helen is a fantastic teacher, you are always made welcome, she is great at breaking down moves, non-judgemental, and it is well worth the £4.00. Thank you Helen.:)

      by Charlotte

    • Been going to classes now for 18months. Started once a week but liked it so much now go twice. Love the music and the excercise and miss it when I can't go. Met lots of nice people as well. Helens encouragement makes it fun too. Thanks Helen for making excercise enjoyable.

      by Lynne

    • Helen's Zumba classes are huge amounts of fun and the only exercise I have ever really wanted to keep doing! You enjoy yourself so much that you really don't notice how hard you are working, plus if you go a couple of times a week you can really notice the difference it makes to your body!

      by Gemma

    • So what to say then...... Having exercised all my life this is by far THE most fab, fun class EVER!!! We go twice a week every week and just can't get enough. Helen is superb at teaching and relaying the moves to us mere mortals - before you know it you have got it! Really feel bad if can't get to class as it is a huge stress relief, feel good, mind and body lifting exercise - Wow!! Thanks so very, very much Helen - Elaine and Liv x x

      by Elaine and Liv – Newport

    • Zumba Adict is my new name!!! This is the best workout there is. I was a sports student and fell off the exercise wagon after uni and desperately wanted to find something I enjoyed. I went to the gym and a load of different classes and didn't find anything that I enjoyed, I cant stand a teacher who not interested and people who ignore you. Then one day a girl I work with insisted I try Zumba with her. I began a new love affair! It's fantastic I've never enjoyed exercising this much and Helen and her class members are so welcoming. It's like a girls night out every time. Ive even been know to do double classes sometimes! Zumba with Helen is THE only place to exercise on the Isle of Wight!

      by Rachel Taylor

    • Great, what ever your age, size, fitness level you get out of it what effort you can manage to put in. A great way to exercise and revitalises you into doing more. Thanks Helen from an unco-ordinated but happy lady!

      by Debbie

    • As someone who used to dread PE at school and hated sports/exercise etc I have astonished my family and friends by keeping up with Zumba. Why? Because it's FAB!! I love it! I have been going once a week for about a year now and I have no intenton of stopping! It's such fun and Helen is a great teacher. Try it - you will love it!!

      by Jo

    • Only just started coming to Zumba in Cowes with my mum..but I love it! I can't come more than once a week but have bought zumba for the wii and can practice between classes now so should get better! def won't stop coming to class tho you get a really lift from everyone there! thanks!

      by Leonie

    • I just love Zumba! You never feel out of place in the classes, the music is fab, and Helen is a great teacher & makes it fun!! It really gives you that feel good factor. x

      by Jo – Zumba Class Member

    • I hadn't been to an exercise class before trying Zumba. I absolutely love it and Helen is a great teacher! I never thought I would enjoy exercising but have been coming once a week for over a year now. If I have to miss a class it ruins my week! Since coming along I have lost 3 stone and have gone down from a size 22 to 16. Thanks Helen for everything!

      by Glenda – Zumba Class Member

    • Zumba is brilliant have been doing it for two years now and absolutely love it!! I always look forward to the classes they give me a real buzz and Helen is fantastic she puts the fun factor into it every time and always comes along with plenty of smiles. I don't know where I would be without zumba, long may it continue...keep up the good work Helen x

      by Kelly (Newport) – Zumba Class Member

    • When I started back in January I was feeling overweight, unhappy and had low body confidence. Everybody was buzzing about Zumba so thought I would give it a try! 9 months on and thanks to Zumba I have lost 2 stone, have some time to myself during a hectic week and have my shape back. Every week you learn more, work harder and have more fun than you ever have before!! Helen is an amazing instructor, you never fail to have fun and smile in one of her classes :) Thank you for being you x

      by Jane M – Zumba Class Member